World's first automated personal training studio
Cherry Hill, NJ: (856) 489-KOKO (5656)
  • Programs planned and customized for you.
  • Online tracking of
    your progress.
  • On your schedule,
    No wasted time.
  • No long term contracts,
    only long term results.

Join Koko FitClub

We learn your fitness goals and current fitness levels and customize a program just for you.

Get Automated,
Personalized Attention

Get coaching and guidance through every exercise, each and every workout.

3x Week
30 Minute Workout

Spend 30 minutes just three times a week for great results.

Measure and
Track Progress

Our program adapts and changes as you progress. See your results in the mirror and track online as well!

Enjoy the
Healthy You!

Feel better, look better, be fit, lose weight. Koko helps you!

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"I love it because the machines tell you exactly what to do ...
It has helped me feel better about myself."

Real People. Real Results!

Cris was intimidated to join a big gym.

  • We set her up with an easy-to-follow workout plan
  • She has lost 40 pounds in over a year
  • The program works well with her Weight Watchers
  • Cris feels more confident and loves the way she looks

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"What I found out is that Koko FitClub allowed me to advance my physical fitness. I've actually doubled my strength."

Real People. Real Results!

Jay was looking to get back into shape.

  • We created a custom fitness program for Jay
  • Jay has significantly advanced his physical fitness
  • He has doubled his strength in 18 months
  • With Koko, Jay has taken his fitness to new levels

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"I feel stronger. I've met some good friends, and it's just a lot of fun."

Real People. Real Results!

Ellen and her husband wanted a fun workout they could do together.

  • We built a custom training plan for them
  • Ellen feels much stronger
  • She's having a lot of fun with her husband
  • Ellen enjoys the friendly Koko FitClub staff

  • More than 100 locations nation-wide
  • World's first automated personal training studio
  • View your progress in your personal online dashboard
  • No contracts or longterm commitments required

It's like having a personal trainer
without having a personal trainer.

"The workouts are fun and the Koko Smarttrainer makes working out so easy I don't have to think about what I'm going to do next... it tells me!" - Alison H. New Jersey

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Koko FitClub in Cherry Hill offers you an innovative, effective and affordable alternative to personal trainers.

With Koko FitClub, you get all the benefits of a personal trainer without all the high costs and hassles. That's because our workout equipment guides and coaches you through your training, exercise by exercise…workout by workout. Our world-class automated personal training studio uses a winning combination of technology and personalized programs to get you results. We serve New Jersey communities like Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees and Mount Laurel.

The Koko FitClub workout is better and more affordable than what you might get from your typical Cherry Hill area personal trainer. With Koko, you avoid the hassles of session scheduling and expensive monthly bills. Plus, all of your workouts are adjusted according to your goals, strength and fitness levels and each is logged into our state-of-the-art automated personal training system. You can track your progress online via your laptop or smartphone.

Our Smarttrainer system guides you through your personal training using a unique blend of cardio and strength exercises. Whether you're a fitness rookie or veteran, we have the right workout for you every session. With a Koko FitClub exercise plan, you get the benefits of a 90-minute workout in 30 minutes. You'll burn calories more efficiently and have more fun.

We aren't like other personal trainers in South Jersey. We're affordable and don't handcuff you to long-term contracts. Plus, we have a convenient location for South Jersey residents in Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees and Mount Laurel. Our automated fitness studio is located at 2095A Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Visit us today for a free trial.

If you're looking for an alternative to expensive personal trainers, Koko FitClub is the right option. Our modern fitness studios offer a fun and hassle-free environment to lose weight and stay healthy. Don't take our word for it. See for yourself. Visit us at 2095A Route 70 East in Cherry Hill for a free trial.