data driven fitness

Data-Driven Fitness

We’re a training gym, and we love data. Our sophisticated strength and cardio training system uses proprietary algorithms to design and deliver your personal training program with quantified data to show that your workouts are actually working.

At Koko of Cherry Hill, every session, every rep, every set is guided and automatically tracked on, your own personal, secure, data-rich website. Check in on your fitness progress anytime from any of your devices. Get a preview of your next workout, review your exercise history, and access your personal nutrition plan – all in one place.

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What is Big Data
(and how can it help me?)

Data is changing the way we look at the world. It’s changed how we connect with friends, how we read books, how we get our news, and how we make decisions.

This change actually has a name — “Big Data” — and it’s all about using computers to find big insights in patterns of all the little things people do every day.

In the past, Big Data was something only companies had access to. But Koko is using big data to help our members maximize their exercise results by looking at patterns across our massive fitness database.

We can tell what’s working (or not working) for other people just like you, and dynamically change your workout program based on that information.

It’s like having a fitness supercomputer as your personal trainer — just a lot friendlier and easier to use.

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