Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Koko Cherry Hill membership cost?

Head on over to our membership page for all the details.

Where is the gym located and when are you open?

You can find our staffed hours, member-only hours, address and contact information on our home page using this link.

I want to join the Koko FitClub. How can I get started?

The easiest way is to download your free guest pass. A Certified FitCoach will contact you to schedule a visit during our staffed hours to set up your membership and personalize the system for you.

I’m not ready to join, but I do want to see it for myself. What should I do?

Download your free guest pass. A certified FitCoach will contact you to schedule a visit (or a full workout!) during our staffed hours.

What kind of exercises do you do at Koko FitClub of Cherry Hill?

We’re unlike any other gym in the Cherry Hill area, but our exercise & nutrition methodology has been proven effective over decades of exercise science.

Whole body strength training & interval-based cardio are unquestionably effective and are often regarded as the most efficient way to exercise as well. Workloads and rest times are precisely managed. Every movement is choreographed to squeeze out wasted time, to keep your heart rate elevated, and to ensure that each exercise or phase compliments what came before and what comes next.

Of course, all of this requires a level of expert planning and minute-to-minute coaching that is out-of-reach for most people on their own. That’s why we invented the Koko Smartraining System to do it all for you!

Does Koko really work?

Yes. Our digital technology and exercise algorithms are built around the same techniques used by Olympic athletes and celebrity personal trainers to get athletes and celebrities in amazing shape in the least amount of time. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our real fitness club members across the country as well as doctors and other health professionals have to say. Or check us out on Facebook.

Will I need to do other exercises besides my Koko workouts?

You can, but you won’t need to. Every Koko Smartraining session is a full-body workout. Done consistently, Koko can easily be your only workout and you’ll see great results.

Of course, we certainly won’t talk you out of going for a swim, run or hike, and just taking a walk on a sunny day is always a good idea. We bet you’ll even enjoy those activities more because of your success with Koko!

How much time does a workout take?

Every Koko strength workout is just 30 minutes or less, and cardio is a fast-paced, high-intensity 15 minutes. Koko manages all the key elements of every workout; intensity, workload, and pace. And we squeeze out all wasted time so you get the maximum results in the shortest time possible.

The result is one 30-minute Koko Smartraining strength workout delivers the same benefits of a typical 90-minute gym workout for most people! And 15-minutes of Koko Cardio is TWICE as effective as a typical treadmill or elliptical workout.

Are there any staff people at Koko or is this only digital?

Koko FitClub of Cherry Hill has a staff of friendly, helpful, Certified FitCoaches on-site daily during staffed hours. Our staff of fitness trainers are part of the Cherry Hill community and we’re there to answer any questions while you’re at the gym — or even when you’re not there! Just call us at 856-489-5656.

How can you be so much more affordable than other personal trainers in Cherry Hill?

At Koko, we leverage technology to reduce planning, updating and tracking of each members customized program thus reducing trainer’s workload and time spent. This simply means savings we pass on to you. We then blend it with excellent coaching and up to date exercise science so you get personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Our Smartrainer software and equipment is the first full-body strength training machine to harness the power of digital technology. It directs you through every step of your custom workout via an interactive touch screen and tracking your progress automatically. The screen shows you how to do each exercise properly, compressing all the benefits of a traditional 60-minute strength training session into just 30 minutes.

How does your gym compare to the inexpensive gyms in Cherry Hill?

Cheap gym memberships and low-cost health clubs sound tempting, but once you’ve signed up, then what? You have to pay extra to get results: personal trainer fees, bootcamps, books, magazines — not to mention the time & worry you’re not doing the right thing. And then you have to pay even more for a diet plan or nutritional advice.

At Koko, you’ll get a day-by-day exercise & nutrition plan created by experts and tailored precisely to your goals, with step-by-step guidance on every exercise and rep, including proper form and proper pace. You can also track your results on your own personal website. No boredom, no repetition, no confusion, no wasted effort… just exactly what you need for the results you want.

I’m a runner/biker/swimmer/triathlete in Cherry Hill. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. Our programs dynamically manipulate exercise pace, progression & periodization to give you the added strength & endurance to set personal records in local Cherry Hill races and beyond — no plateaus, just PRs!

I just want to lose weight. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Weight loss in Cherry Hill is just like weight loss anywhere — a combination of healthy eating & exercise. But with us, you get specific, customized, daily nutritional guidance along with an exercise plan tailored to your body and your specific weight-loss goals. In addition, adding strength training to the mix can help turbo-charge your metabolism so you burn calories at a higher rate throughout the day — helping you burn fat and lose weight even faster.

Is Koko for men or women?

Koko FitClub of Cherry Hill is for everyone.

Since every workout is customized to each member based on individual goals and strength level, anyone can benefit from Koko Smartraining. Men, women, young and old can workout side by side at Koko – and each person gets a different workout and a personalized experience. Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle building or sculpting and toning, Koko creates a plan that is right for YOU.

How challenging is a typical workout?

Each Koko session is completely customized to be at the right level of intensity for you each day for maximum results. Koko gives you the perfect blend of customized direction and coaching. Koko pushes you when you need it, and provides you with appropriate time to rest, recover and recharge.

Ultimately though, you are in control. You can easily change intensity anytime during any workout. And if you need to modify or skip certain exercises because of a previous injury, no problem. Koko simply adapts to your instructions, automatically, while you continue your workout.

And when you need more accountability, coaching , scheduled sessions and faster results Koko offers Plus level membership.

I manage a business in the Cherry Hill area. Do you work with companies?

Yes. If you own or manage a company in or near Cherry Hill please contact us  about our Corporate Wellness program for businesses in the Cherry Hill area for information on a customized fitness benefit for your employees.

I’m a doctor in Cherry Hill. Do you have programs I can prescribe for my Cherry Hill-area patients?

Koko has specialized programs, called HealthTracks , that are specifically designed for people with specific medical conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, breast cancer recovery, back pain relief and men’s health. Contact us to get more information and read what other doctors and health professionals have to say about Koko.