I joined Koko FitClub just after signing up for Weight Watchers. My goal was to lose 10 lbs. I was completely dedicated to working out 3 times a week and eating healthy. The best part, I am still able to enjoy my red wine! Within 2 months, I hit my goal weight. Fast forward 8 months and I’m still losing weight while gaining strength and getting toned. I am down 27lbs and have my figure from 25 years ago, BACK!!! So, let’s talk dress size, I was a size 10, now I am a size 2. Honestly, I did now it was possible but here I am! My husband, Michael has been on this journey with me and he is down 24lbs. Yep, that’s High School weight for him! We love Koko FitClub and feel like we have found the perfect workout for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle while feeling Fabulous!*

– Connie

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“I never thought I would say I love coming to the gym. I love Koko (FitClub). …I feel stronger, and it’s help me across so many different areas of my life.”*


“It’s convenient. It’s flexible. It fits my schedule. I enjoy it. And I never get bored. I have really seen results.”*

*Results may vary


“I love Koko because I can come here after work. … I have so much more energy and a lot more strength.”*

There is absolutely no way I would achieve what I do at this club ANYWHERE else. Due to work schedules, I’m typically here during unstaffed hours . Over the past few months I’ve been a member, I’ve lost over 15 lbs, my blood pressure is lower, and I am looking and feeling better than I have in 10 years! The exercises are challenging and workouts are never stale. Best of all, I am working out safely with perfect form. Thank you so much for bringing such intelligent training to our area! Looking forward to the next lanyard color!*

– Scott

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Koko FitClub turned out to be one of the best things that I’ve done… I am really excited about the change in my body and my mind.*


We love coming here. The staff is phenomenal. They’re always here to help us out*

*Results may vary


“I really enjoy coming in and having a structured workout… In the 3 months I’ve been doing it, I feel much stronger.”*

Getting your bum into the gym is tough. Knowing what to do once you’re there? Impossible. Solution? Koko FitClub. This is totally different than any gym you’ve ever belonged to. I know, I’ve done them all! The staff is genuinely interested in your success. But more than that it’s impossible to fail. Once you’re in the door? You can’t go wrong. So all you have to do is put down your latte and walk in. After that Koko takes over. The Smartrainer program grabs your timid little hand and walks you through moment by moment on the weights. No more moving machine to machine. You just grab a machine, plug in your Koko key and voila your personalized workout begins. The pros set the program, you set the range and personalize the moves to your strength once and suddenly you’re off and running! Think cardio is boring and tedious? Luckily, trainers have set programs and you listen to them as they talk you through EACH and EVERY minute of your cardio work. Did I mention that the strength is 30 minutes and the cardio is only 15 minutes?! Yeah. You wanna join.*

~ Kim D

*Results may vary


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